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Install it

Install extension using composer:

    "require-dev": {
        "atoum/telemetry-extension": "^1.0"

Or simply run the following command

composer require --dev atoum/telemetry-extension

The extension will then be autoloaded by atoum, the only thing you will have to do is to configure the report.

Use it

The telemetry report allow us to collect metrics from your test suites. If you want to help us improve atoum, please send us your reports.

To enable the telemetry report, add the following code to your configuration file:


// .atoum.php

use mageekguy\atoum\telemetry;
use mageekguy\atoum\reports\telemetry;
use mageekguy\atoum\writers\std;


$telemetry = new telemetry\report();
$telemetry->addWriter(new std\out());

Now, each time your run your test suite, atoum will collect data and send them to the telemetry. By default, everything is sent anonymously: a random project name will be generated and we'll only collect metrics.

If you want to let us know who you are, add the following lines to your configuration file:


$telemetry->readProjectNameFromComposerJson(__DIR__ . '/composer.json');

// Or


The project name must be composer compliant.

With this configuration, atoum will send us everything about your project: the vendor name and the project name. If you want to keep the latter secret so we only collect the vendor name, you can add the following line: